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Forbidden Fruit" is a theme rich with allure and mystique, revolving around the concept of temptation and the seductive power of something just out of reach. It embodies the age-old story of the desire for the unattainable, the yearning for knowledge and experiences that are tantalizingly prohibited. This theme explores the duality of temptation—its beauty that draws us in, and the potential consequences that follow. It's a dance on the edge of the known and the unknown, the safe and the dangerous, inviting us to question the boundaries we impose and the desires we suppress. "Forbidden Fruit" is not just about the literal story of Adam and Eve; it's about the universal human experience of curiosity, the struggle between restraint and indulgence, and the sweet, often transformative taste of the forbidden.

Flowers Exhibition
Flowers Exhibition



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Hollywood Carnival Band Launch  | FEB 23, 2024
Borough Day (Mirage Mas Band Jouvert) | MAY 4, 2024

Mawnin' Neighbour, Trinidad | MAY 5, 2024
Hollywood Carnival | JUNE 22, 2024
Trinidad Carnival 2025

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